Jason Reiniger ("J"), runs the make_better brand. He thinks everything you do should do something good, why not!? 
​​​​​​​​​​​​He is analytical, creative and empathetic with a breadth of experience that uniquely positions him to design solutions that 'make_better' the three domains he understands best: 
1. Economic stability via small business success
2. Advancement in mental and physical health 
3. Upward mobility through successful social programming 

"make_better things that make things better"

Based in Toronto, Canada, Jason connects design thinking and innovative technology with social challenges. He loves philanthropy, new tech, sports, music, standup comedy and trying anything new!
Jason's broad perspective is the result of consistent exposure to new experiences. He has an innate curiosity, comfortability with risk, and good natured, social and inquisitive personality that guide the way. 
These traits have given Jason vast professional range and adaptability. From serving as the marketing and events manager for Canada's busiest concert venue, to teaching C-Suite executives how blockchains work, Jason has proven effective in numerous high level positions. 
The character traits that continue to broaden his professional perspective similarly fuel his personal evolution.
Whether he is volunteering with an orphanage in Uganda or having a quick chat with the homeless gentleman, Edward, on his regular walking route, each experience makes clear to him what is tragically unclear for many - people are equal, opportunity is not.  

"People are equal, opportunity is not"

Jason ultimately believes that money makes decisions and social progress will hit the fast lane when it becomes the most profitable option. He sees a future where technology enables this. Jason taps into his extensive knowledge base and network to develop solutions that positively impact both the end user and bottom line. 
Jason's talent for entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, user experience (UX) design and communication, woven together with a dynamic knowledge of technology, leadership, human behaviour and his approachable demeanour make J the perfect person to make_better.

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